Young Leader Castaway Challenge 2016

Calling all Young Leaders!

Are you ready to test your skills?

Become a member of that special team and survive the challenge?


Saturday, 24th September 2016

09:00 – Sunday, 25 September 2016 at 15:00 at Lodge Hill Campsite

The Scenario

Following a major incident late last night which you have all managed to survive due to your exceptional survival skills which you learnt as part of the special research team. You have been dropped in a hostile area with limited food and equipment to survive until your evacuation from this hostile area in 2 days at nightfall. You salvaged 2 major survival kits and enough emergency food for 1 day for 8 people probably not enough to survive on but there could be a way out of here. You will need to remember all your specialist training over the years otherwise you will compromise the success of your whole team.

Castaway challenge

Your survival in this exercise is paramount to the country, and you will require great teamwork and personal commitment and endurance to survive this hostile environment by using all your skills gained over the past 9 years as part of this team. You all know we need Fire , Food , Water & Shelter to survive and may need to navigate the area to find these items . There will be major challenges in store for you to win these luxury and necessary items and only sound teamwork and personal leadership will enable success.

Water is vital to you but how can we transport it for many hundreds of yards.

Food without it we get weak and die , maybe set some traps to encourage some local produce.

Fire we need fire for warmth and to cook our food , where /what with & Ahow do we light it.

Shelter We need to protect us from the elements , A Bivouac great idea but How do we build it.

Cost – £30.00 for whole weekend including site fees all food .Eventbrite - Young Leader Castaway Challenge 2016

After registration, please send your payment (cheque payable to “West Sussex Scout Council”) to West Sussex Scouts, Lodge Hill Centre, London Road, Watersfield, West Sussex, RH20 1LZ