New County Youth Commissioners

I’m delighted to welcome Michael Priest and James Clarke to the County Management Team as our first ever County Youth Commissioners from the 1st January 2017. I’m very excited at making these appointments as both will bring a breath of fresh air to the team whilst promoting YouShaped scouting to all sections in West Sussex. Over the coming weeks and months I’m sure we shall see the impact they will have to enable our young members to help shape West Sussex going forward. I hope everyone will support Michael and James in their roles and here is a little something about each of them in their own words.

Irene Orford (County Commissioner)

Mike Priest

I’ve been in scouting almost my entire life, starting at Beavers and progressing all the way through to Network currently. I’ve been a leader in some capacity since the age of 14, thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I started at Beavers and have progressed through the sections and currently assist at Scouts and Explorers. Throughout my time in scouting, It’s taught me invaluable life skills and I’ve got many great memories and friends from it. I want the same for the next generation and by moving towards more youth lead Scouting, I believe this can be achieved.

James Clarke

14 years ago I walked into 1st Worthing Scout hall, ready to join my friends in this strange club called Beavers. Who would have thought that all those years later, I would have been on two world Scout jamborees, travelled to events and camps across the UK and now getting ready to take on my biggest adventure of the first ever County Youth Commissioner for West Sussex. It’s with great honour that I take on this role alongside Michael and it’s my hope that we can become spokesmen for youth voice across West Sussex. This role is about working in partnership with everyone in the county, so feel free to contact me.