Supreme Box Kart Championships 2017

Goodwood Motor Circuit

Sunday 24th September 2017

The 2017 Supreme, bookings are now open to Cub packs.

A typical soap-box cart is made of a wooden chassis and has 4 wheels, arranged as a fixed rear axle, and a steerable front beam axle – usually with a very simple single central pivot. A seat is arranged at the back, and perhaps the seat area is enclosed, as in the original soap-box design. More sophisticated designs might employ a fully enclosed wooden body. The types of wheels employed vary according to what can be obtained easily – wheels from baby carriages, pushchairs, prams, and discarded bicycles being common. Ready-made wheels are also available from hardware suppliers. Steering is typically actuated using a rope connected to the ends of the steerable beam.

Full details and booking forms can be found here.