Census 2017 – Another year of Growth

The census count for 2017 is now complete. Thank you to all who helped in this process, adhering to all deadlines, and allowing County to issue invoices in advance of schedule. By now Districts should have invoiced all groups and ESUs and be arranging for payment of membership fees. If you have any issues with the invoice process or payment of your group fees then please contact your District Treasurer/Secretary.

Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Beavers Scouts 2,415 2,504 2,482 2,592 2,589
Cubs Scouts 2,930 2,948 2,964 3,087 3,166
Scouts 2,432 2,484 2,474 2,563 2,607
Explorer Scouts 889 896 1,007 991 964
Scout Network 36 31 30 62 179
Total YP 8,702 8,863 8,957 9,295 9,505
Adults 2,053 2,146 2,124 2,528 3,190
Total 10,755 11,009 11,081 11,823 12,695

For the fourteenth consecutive year County has managed to grow its membership which now stands at 12,695 (11,823-2016), a 7.5% increase. The bulk of the increase is from increased adult numbers at 3,190(2,528-2016), a staggering 27% increase! Hopefully this increase in adult members will allow us to continue to grow our youth membership. However, this year, this is not similarly reflected in the youth growth which has only increased by 2.3% to 9,505 (9,295-20160). Bearing in mind we have sadly had to close two groups in the County this year I consider that this is still a result we can all be proud of. Attached is a table showing County figures for the various sections( please note that Network, for historical reasons, is shown in the ‘Youth Count’ in the table although their numbers are deducted when calculating membership fees as they are exempt).
Thanks again for your assistance in this important annual task and let’s see what happens in 2017. In the meantime please can I encourage all of you to ensure databases, both youth (OMS) and adults (Compass), are kept up to date as compliance with this is, the biggest aid to easier census completion.

Steve Mitchison
County Secretary