Intercounty Shooting Championship

The inter county Shooting Championship is shot Annually around the beginning of April and is contested by each scout county (who chooses to enter).  Teams of 8 shooters from each county compete shoulder to shoulder and have to shoot both Air Rifle and Air Pistol both shot over a 10m distance.  20 shots per shooter per discipline, so a total of 320 shots per team.

It is a notoriously difficult competition to win, requiring all the team members to have a high level of skill in both Rifle and Pistol disciplines, and all members to perform well on the day, It is a very intensive team effort.

There are around 15-20 entries typically, but only 12 this year a bit down on normal.

West Sussex first took a team in 2011, and have competed each year since then except 2016 when we couldn’t raise a competitive team.  We were fifth the first year we entered, 4th the second year, 3rd the third year, and since then we have been 2nd every year, always to Cheshire , who organise the event and have home advantage, which is significant, every year but one our scores have increased.

The team is made up typically of 1 adult, 1 under 13, and six scouts and explorers.  This year our team were

  • Connagh Launchbury      an adult from Crawley District
  • Harley Raine, Zac Larkham, Haydyn Bennett & Liam Spriggs, Explorers from Crawley District
  • Tom Marsh an Explorer from Horsham District
  • Emily Howard an Explorer from Worthing District
  • Amber Berreen a Scout from 2nd Ifield

We took Eve Roberts from 4th Worth as a reserve