Scout National Shooting Championships

Over the weekend of Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October over 15 members of Worthing District shooting squad and over 40 members from Crawley District shooting squad took part in the 41st National Scout Shooting Championships at Bisley. The event is held every year and approx. 800 shooters from across the UK take part in a large number of shooting events including:-

  • Air Pistol
  • Air Rifle
  • Knockdown
  • Field Target
  • Small Bore
  • Full Bore
  • Own Pistol and Rifle
  • 10m Sporter and 3 Position
  • Target Sprint

This Year the squads were successful in bring back some silverware.

Crawley District was very successful with 14 Medals and Trophies being won.

  • Chloe Hemmings – 3rd in Small Bore
  • Liam Spriggs – 3rd in Small Bore
  • Zac Larkham – 3rd in Small Bore Under 18
  • Connaugh Launchbury – 2nd in Full Bore
  • Peter Raine – 2nd in Full Bore
  • Paul Carruthers – 1st in Full Bore
  • Frankie Hampton – 1st Junior Knockout (maintaining the title in the district for the 2nd year from Finn Bereen!)
  • Harley Raine – 3rd in 3P
  • Liam Spriggs – 3rd in Senior Field Target
  • Robert Hull – 2nd in Senior Field Target
  • Amber Bereen – 1st in Junior 6yrd Rifle
  • Liam Spriggs – 1st in Senior 6yrd Rifle
  • Zac Larkham – 3rd in Team Field Target
  • Ben Piggott, Connaugh Launchbury, Liam Spriggs – 3rd in Senior Connaught Team

Worthing District

  • Max Dandeker-Bourne from Blake explorers picked up Under 18 X Class prone rifle championship Trophy
  • Second overall in Small Bore (.22 Rifle)
  • Max and Dion Pragnell also from Blake explorers picked up Bronze in the target sprint team award.