Trident ESU – Win the Charlton Chase!

Trident ESU took on the Charlton Chase once more and under new management the competition was winner takes all! with over 30 teams starting Trident ESU were one of only a couple of scout teams taking part. A tough start with poor weather and visibility saw the team up against it!
However, arriving back at the end the team were in excellent spirits all be it a little worn out.
Over 24 miles walked during the session the team came in with a walking time of 7 hours 55 mins, having visited all checkpoints and 95% of the nodel points. We finally got home around 5 am on sunday morning.
The results came in later that day and saw Trident come top! a 1st place victory for a fantastic achievement!

The team made up of William Tampion, Nathan, Kai & James. Did themselves proud and their unit!
Well done lads, excellent win!