Southbourne and Chichester Scouts Caving

Some write ups from some of the Southbourne and 12th Chicester Scouts after their first day of 2 days of caving in Somerset

George and Fred: In my caving experience we were thrilled to go down two unique caves. Lead by a skilled instructor, we dived head first into an ancient Victorian show cave called ‘Goatschurch’; we ventured through twisting passages and tight corners. Afterward we headed down a completely different cave – Rods Pot. This damp, dark cave took us to steep rock walls, giant openings and near nail-biting drops. Overall it was an amazing day.

Henry: The day started with an efficient system in which the caving team supplied us with state of the art equipment. We then all piled into our minibuses and drove to the caves. Once there we were split into teams of around 3 to 5, this was good because it meant that caving was nice and quick. The first cave we went into was nice and spacious with lots of paths leading off it. The second was a little more cramped but twice as enjoyable. All in all, I was an incredibly good day and one that I will remember for ever

Lily, Amy, Molly: Great day. I loved squeezing through gaps and climbing up waterfalls. Definitely coming next year.

Ben F (drawing caver): Caving was a great way to get over my fears and also it’s a lot of fun, there’s lots of caving here in Wells (Mendip) there’s Rods Pot, Sumit 1, Goatschurch etc

Alex: We explored caves learning about climbing techniques, different types of rock and also different animals that are there. We squeezed through tight passageways, did daring climbs up treacherous rocks and sneaked through past hairy moths (bats). In all the trip was really run and I look forward to next year.

Chris: I have never been caving before, we started at Pierre’s Pot (Its hardest cave we did today). The drainpipe was tight and are weirdly shaped.

Alex G: Today was very slightly fun and scary at times but extremely fun. The first hole I went down today was Goatschurch, it was very easy until we went down Jacobs ladder, then it started to get difficult. The drainpipe was slightly nerve wracking but at the same time it was extremely exciting. The second hole I went down was called Pierre’s Pot and was a lot shorter than Goatschurch, the shear drop at the middle almost suicidal but it was very exciting. We then climbed out of the cave with a few bits along the way out until then we went next back to the scout hut.

Sam: Today I went caving with scouts. We went through under, over and squeeze. We started with Goatschurch (Old showcave). We saw bats, we went down a coalshute and then the squeeze. Afterwards we had lunch and then go to Rods pot which was tight especially at the entrance. Then we went a bit further down a treacherous path then back up. Then I got muddy when I face planted on the way out!

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