Overland 2018 Hike Results

Over the weekend 24th – 25th March 70 teams from across West and East Sussex took part in the Overland Hike. Over the course of the two day hike the teams had to complete various challenges whilst ensuring they kept up the pace during the walking stages to ensure they maximised their potential points. Some of the activities included: Identifying Activity Equipment, Changing a Babies Nappy, Rope Making, Measuring Wind Speed, Back to Back Mapping, Identifying items in a Bag and Stamp & Coin Collecting.

The complete report can be found here: Overland Hike Final Report 2018

All teams completing the hike were presented with their certificates and woggles by the East and West Sussex County Commissioners, Youth Commissioners and the Scout and Explorer Commissioners.

Next year’s hike will take place over the weekend of 23rd – 24th March

We would like to thank the organising team and the many volunteers who made this weekend possible!

To keep up to date with the progress for next years hike be sure to follow the Overland Hike Facebook Page