West Sussex SASU takes Box Karting to Northern Ireland

Two West Sussex SASU Managers have recently returned from Northern Ireland. Stephen and Amanda Bell were invited to come to Northern Ireland as guests, and run a seminar and workshop, on Box Karting.
The success of 12th Bangor, Co Down, at the 2016 and 2017 Supreme, has fired the interest of many leaders in Northern Ireland.
The seminar covered all aspects of box karting, from its history and the origins of the Supreme, though safety and then, on to how you run a championship. Later in the day, the Irish leaders, under supervision, got to construct two box karts, that had been shipped out in kit form, a few days previously.
Later, in the day, Stephen & Amanda, were taken to the Northern Ireland Scout Centre at Crawfordsburn Country Park. This, in short, is a stunning place for young people, with meticulous attention to detail, in every way.
County Down already have a venue for a permanent raceway, and the following day Stephen and Amanda were taken there to assess the possibilities. All looked very good, and it is hoped another sister of the Supreme, will take place here later in the year.
Scouting giving opportunities for Adults as well as young people.

Want to know more about Box Karts, contact Stephen and Amanda below