Worthing Pride 2018

Worthing Pride 2018 is an event that has well and truly planted itself into our Scouting diaries!

This year marked the first time that Worthing was to have a LGBTQ+ pride and it was fantastic to see Scouts be a part of this historic event. 1000’s of people swamped Worthing to celebrate the event and perhaps this year’s tagline of “Diversity and Dreams” is the best way to sum up the whole experience.

As someone who grew up in Worthing, the thought that one day my hometown would hold a pride event seemed like a dream. Yet 21 years on, I was proud to not only attend but also lead (a very diverse) Scout representation. With our youngest member being 16 and the oldest being over 60, we represented both male and female Scouters, while also having members in the parade who not only define as LGBTQ+ but also a number of allies. We showed the diversity of Scouting in West Sussex and told the people of Worthing that Scouting is for all.

We certainly made some noise on the route and perhaps the memory that will stick with me the most, is seeing a sea of people join us for the cha cha slide and YMCA (pride classics!). The smiles, the cheers, the acceptance to be who you are and love who you want was felt the whole day.

Many of our members had never attended a pride event or parade and yet from this event, everyone at the end was asking the same thing… when’s the next parade!

Thank you to the organisers of Worthing Pride 2018 and Scouts can’t wait to create an even bigger impact (and more noise) at Worthing Pride 2019.

James Clarke     

West Sussex Scouts LGBT+ Advisor

Assistant UK Youth Commissioner (Leadership)

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Worthing & Brighton Pride 2018


Registration is now open for both Worthing & Brighton Pride 2018!

Spaces are extremely limited (especially for Worthing Pride – where we can only have up to 30!). So please do pass this around your districts to all those interested. These events are open to anyone aged 16 upwards.

People sometimes ask, what’s the point in Scouts attending Pride? The answer is simple. 

Because Scouts are an inclusive organisation and we should be celebrating this and showing the public, that Scouting truly is open for all. Every year I attend a pride somewhere in the UK and every year I hear the same comments from members of the public, some are shocked to see Scouts in a pride event or some who still say “wait, girls can join Scouts?”. This just highlights that we still have some way to go in showing off #Scouting4All.

Find out more from my blog post I wrote last year regarding Pride: http://members.westsussexscouts.org.uk/blog/2017/08/19/scout-pride/

Worthing Pride  (14th July) – https://scoutprideworthing2018.eventbrite.co.uk

Brighton Pride (4th August) – https://scoutpridebrighton2018.eventbrite.co.uk

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lets show the rest of the UK, how inclusive West Sussex Scouts is!

P.S Glitter and rainbows will be provided to all attendees! 

Promoting Positive Behaviour and Special Needs Workshops

A series of workshops have been organised by West Sussex Scouts and facilitated by Suzanne Few -Deputy County Commissioner for Diversity and Inclusion to look at

  • how it is important to know the young people you are working with, what influences them.
  • ways of promoting positive behaviour along with techniques for effective communication.As special needs is becoming an increasing challenge for some sections we look at
  • how Scouting can be inclusive and
  • ways to get support and advice along with updates on recent guidelines.

Based on Modules 14/15 the session is suitable for all leaders who who will benefit from exploring the issues of challenging behaviour further and need ongoing learning and those leaders needing a refresher. It is open to all adult roles and you can attend any district.

Further details of these workshops and bookings can be found here or if you have an enquiry contact Suzanne below.