Sussex Downsman Hike

7th October 2017
A test of endurance for Scouts and Guides of All Ages
Organised by West Sussex Scouts

There are several different Classes of entry walking different distances depending on the age and ability of the competitors. There are sections tailored for Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network and Leaders, and also a non-competitive class which is open to all. It should be noted that there are no minimum age limits on any class (just a minimum combined age for the team).

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Need a New Challenge?

Looking for a New Challenge or just a change of scenery in Scouting?
The County Programme Team are looking for new members to help provide and support a quality programme to our youth members in West Sussex

We are currently looking for people for the following roles (follow link for more details about the role)

If you want are interested in any of the roles or just want to find out what’s involved please contact Matthew Pike, Deputy County Commissioner – Programme below.

YouShape Month

It was fantastic to see so many young people participating with YouShape month in February. This was a month to focus on youth shaped scouting and embed this traditional part of scouting into what the young people do. Also it was a chance to celebrate the fantastic examples of youth shaped scouting that is already taking place across West Sussex. During the month we were focusing on 4 areas:

  • Promotion of sectional forums
  • Promotion of district forums
  • Favorite moment competition
  • County youth forum

We saw some great examples of sectional and district forums over social media, they’re a great way to getting young people to decide what they want to do whilst in scouting. We had some amazing entries for the favorite moment competition, including many drawings and poems. This was won by a Cub from 1st Yapton and Ford who claimed the £50 Amazon voucher up for grabs, their winning entry is below.
The county youth forum was a great success, with over 30 young people from all over the county. The weekend was filled with some fun activities and finding out what are the best bits about scouting, what’s the bet way to communicate with young people and what they want to gain from scouting. We also had a visit from Hannah Kentish, the UK Youth Commissioner, who was getting involved with the activities and listening to the young people’s views. Finally we’d like to congratulate 1st Yapton and Ford Cub’s for completing their YouShape gold award and they received the £100 scout shops voucher.