Assistant County Commissioner – Growth

Every year we help over 450,000 young people in the UK enjoy new adventures; to experience the outdoors, interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. And it’s not just young people who can get in on the action. Working alongside our youth members are thousands of adult volunteers, with a huge variety of roles and opportunities available.

The Assistant County Commissioner for Growth will support the County Commissioner in encouraging and supporting growth across West Sussex.

The role holder will:

Understand, embrace and lead the plan to achieve our County growth goals.
Work closely with District Commissioners and relevant growth facilitators to encourage, support and deliver growth in all ten West Sussex Districts.

Collaborate closely with both the Assistant Regional Commissioners
(Growth), the Regional Services Team and local growth and development
staff to deliver growth (both retention and recruitment) through targeted
projects and initiatives.

This role, is part of the County Management Team and could be undertaken
as a role share. You’ll need to be able to travel across the County and attend
approximately ten weekend meetings per year plus occasional evening
meetings and have time to response to emails and calls.

Take a look at the full role description.

or contact Robert Sawyer below

New District Commissioner – Chichester District

After leading the District through growth and development the current District Commissioner (DC) is stepping down and will consider the options available to continue his scouting journey.

Chichester District is now moving into its next phase of development and we are looking for a new DC. The DC is a volunteer manager who ensures all the Scout Groups are supported, motivated and developed ensuring that young people get the best quality Scouting possible.

For more information see the District Commissioner volunteer Pack

How can I help?

A small Search Group has been formed to assist the County Commissioner in a search for a new DC. We know there are some amazing people within the District and we want to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to nominate people they feel could undertake this role and make a difference.

Therefore you are now invited to contribute to this search by submitting a nomination, or even nominations, of persons, including yourself, whom you feel should be considered for this important and rewarding role.

As well as considering those for nomination you are asked to forward this to all contacts you have connected to Scouting, both currently and previously.

Who can I nominate?

Self nominations are actively encouraged and expected, let’s be honest, if you believe you can bring the right skills and expertise to the role and you are enthusiastic and motivated then why not nominate yourself? If you don’t you may miss this rewarding opportunity if you are not nominated by someone else.

To nominate others or yourself please complete the nomination form included. You can of course at any point contact Robin Strange the Search Group Chairman to have an informal chat about the role and what it entails.

It does not matter if the individual you want to nominate is new to scouting; we welcome nominations of and from external candidates. Scouting has a comprehensive training scheme which can provide training and support for anyone new to scouting, enabling the individual to develop. What is important is for them to bring the leadership and skills that will continue to help move Chichester District forward.

What’s in it for me?

In the role of DC you can be safe in the knowledge that you are making a real difference to the local young people by working with a team of like minded adults to develop the District.

You will be responsible for ensuring each adult has what they need to be confident in their role by creating a network of support to help and guide them. You will have access to training relevant to your role and will have an induction to ensure you get the very best start in your new role.

How do I nominate?

This is the easy part, please complete the enclosed nomination form and forward it to the Search Group Chairman. You can do this in a number of ways-

By Post:- please send any nominations in a sealed envelope to:

Robin Strange
2 Offington Drive
West Sussex
BN14 9PN

By Email:-

The search will close on 10th December 2016 so please ensure your nomination is received by this date.

What happens next?

Nominations will be reviewed by the Search Group and a shortlist drawn up for consideration by the County Commissioner. If you are unsure or would like a non committal chat about the role or any nominations you wish to make then please do contact me below.