#WS2017 The launch of find a YC!

For anyone who attended WS this year, you may have very well seen a number of individuals running around the site with a photo frame & wristbands in light blue jumpers. This was because it was decided that this year the Youth Commissioner team would get out there and aim to reach as many young people as possible! The results… hundreds of photos, being chased for wristbands & young people sharing their views on WS and Scouting in general.

A selection of photos can be seen below and the rest will be uploaded into an album via our official Facebook page, where you can also spot what we got up to on camp (how many of your young people can you spot!?). https://www.facebook.com/CYCWS/

20727318_10213436076716017_1443206109_o (1).jpg
20727318_10213436076716017_1443206109_o (1).jpg

The wristbands and conversations proved so popular that we will be rolling out the selfie frame & wristbands across the county for district youth commissioner teams to use among their districts. If you would like the frame to feature at any of your events, feel free to contact Mike or myself.

More information surrounding upcoming YouShape month events will be coming soon but do feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns surrounding Youth Shaped Scouting.

Yours in Scouting,

James & Mike
County Youth Commissioners West Sussex

Scout Pride

LGBTQA+. A whole lot of letters with a lot of different meanings.

Pride. One single word with yet a number of meanings.

The point I’m trying to achieve is that attending Brighton Pride this year (or may it be any pride event) cannot simply be put into one word or a simple sentence because the experience of attending pride with Scouts is one, which for every individual will mean something different. Brighton Pride. Two words, yet hundreds of different meanings and this is my view.

As an openly gay Scout member I strive to always carry the message that Scouting is well and truly for all. This isn’t to just say that this means open to those LGBTQA+ but promoting Scouting for all is about showing people that no matter your religion, gender, class or how we define or look Scouting is accepting and inclusive to all. Now in an ideal world perhaps we wouldn’t need to tell people that but I still sadly believe that we have not yet reached that point in society (but that’s perhaps a discussion/rant to be had somewhere else!)

Brighton Pride was well and truly a beach themed, colourful display of inclusivity within Scouting across West & East Sussex Scouts – supported by scouting members from across the UK, including UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd. Throughout the parade we kept the streets of Brighton & Hove entertained with our giant beach ball and killer dance moves.

It’s through all this partying that I’m reminded why I attended pride this year. Through the blaring out of YMCA, of which I must have danced to at least 50 times! I hear conversations occur around the surprise of seeing Scouts in a Pride parade, not just because they didn’t think you could be gay in Scouting, but also the shock that girls can join Scouting too. Still we see the public unaware of how far we have come as a movement and this doesn’t make me angry or sad, in truth it makes me even more determined to make change happen. Pride is a chance to celebrate our inclusivity as an organisation and we have so much to be proud off!

As Micheal Priest said when asked about Pride ‘It really shows that Scouting is open and accepting of anyone who wants to be a part of it!’


Brighton pride was a party, a celebration and a chance for me personally to feel proud about whom I am. Not just about my sexuality but also to be walking through pride representing UK Scouting.

These events hold no end of importance in my mind. Defining as LGBTQA+ isn’t easy for some to comprehend or come to terms with, but by supporting these events I hope more and more people will know that they will always be welcome in Scouting because Scouting is well and truly for all.


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West Sussex Scouting For All Awards 2017

At this years County AGM we will be hosting the West Sussex Scouting for All Awards 2017. This year we want to recognise the good work being done by our members to help grow Scouting in West Sussex.

Some of the Awards we need your nominations

The Awards will be:

Determined by Census Figures


  • Biggest Growth in a Beaver Colony
  • Biggest Growth in a Cub Pack
  • Biggest Growth in a Scout Troop
  • Biggest Growth in a Group
  • Biggest Growth in a District


  • Open to All Award – looking at the most diverse and inclusive group


  • Furthest Travelled Award – From VA Forms

Awards we need your help with:

Youth Shaped

  • Best Youth Shaped Project

Community Impact

  • Best Community Project


  • Most Inclusive Project


  • Leader of the Year
  • Young Leader of The Year

Nominations for the Awards need to be sent to Matthew Pike, Deputy County Commissioner by 1st September.