Diversity Events

Promoting Positive Behaviour and Special Needs
02/06/19Promoting Positive Behaviour and Special Needs Workshop1st Ashington Scout Headquarters
28/09/19Promoting Positive Behaviour and Special Needs WorkshopMid Sussex District Scout Headquarters
17/11/19Promoting Positive Behaviour and Special Needs WorkshopTBA – Worthing

A series of workshops have been organised by West Sussex Scouts and facilitated by Suzanne Few -Deputy County Commissioner for Diversity and Inclusion to look at

  • how it is important to know the young people you are working with, what influences them.
  • ways of promoting positive behaviour along with techniques for effective communication.As special needs is becoming an increasing challenge for some sections we look at
  • how Scouting can be inclusive and
  • ways to get support and advice along with updates on recent guidelines.

Based on Modules 14/15 the session is suitable for all leaders who who will benefit from exploring the issues of challenging behaviour further and need ongoing learning and those leaders needing a refresher. It is open to all adult roles and you can attend any district.

Team: Diversity

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