Badges The Beaver

Welcome to Badges the Beaver page.

Badges the Beaver is the Mascot of West Sussex Beaver Scouts. Badges lives at the County Office at Lodge Hill, but loves to travel around West Sussex meeting Beaver Scouts and joining in there fun.

If you would like to invite Badgers to visit your colony or special event please find details of how to invite him below:

Have Badges the Beaver visit your Colony or event

Badges would love to come to your District fun days and events, sleepovers or colony meetings. To invite Badges to attend your event please contact the county office or complete the form below, the office will then contact you to confirm arrangements.

Special Arrangements for his visit

  • Badges does not drive and so has to be collected from and returned to the County Office by prior arrangement.
  • Badges is coming to visit you, so please don’t be tempted to pass him on to others.
  • Badges has special shoes that should not be worm outside.
  • When you collect him you will need to deposit two payments; a £12 hire fee and a £50 deposit in case he needs cleaning or repairing when he is returned.
  • Badges always likes to receive a badge when he visits.
  • Badges has a photo album and would love to receive pictures of his visit to