International Grant Applications

All overseas visits must be registered with the ACC International. before any grant can be awarded. In certain circumstances it may be more appropriate to offer more support to an expedition as a whole. In such cases, the group or unit should consult with ACC International and the County Grants Co-ordinator to determine the best model for funding.

Group Section and Unit Expeditions

The West Sussex County Scout Council will support each Cub Scout / Scout / Explorer Scout or Network Scout with £100 per person grant.
We do not support every leader that may be attending, but for every eight young people (under 18’s) who are travelling an additional £100 will be granted.  When making this calculation all fractions are rounded UP.
Grants must be calculated on actual numbers booked to travel, not on first estimates, when the expedition is in the planning stages.
If more than £100 is required for an individual (for instance, especially if there is a hardship case) then the Expedition Leader should contact the County Grants Co-ordinator.
Applications from Groups or Units are encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible about the expedition so that the West Sussex County Scout Council can be kept fully informed.
If your Section or Unit is looking for a loan to support the start up of an expedition, then please contact the County Grants Co-ordinator to discuss the requirement.

Individual Expeditions

If an individual, as part of their Scouting programme, is undertaking an overseas venture then the £100 rule applies.
If there is any doubt as to the suitability of the expedition then applicants should contact the ACC International to discuss the proposals.
There is no intention to insist that young people applying for travel grants have to use the County Grant form, nor that if they fail so to do, they will be excluded from a grant. In fact, it is particularly helpful to receive letters or an email from a young person when planning an expedition, as fund raising is often an important part of the overall experience. However, we do insist that their leaders know what is happening and approve it by making separate contact with the ACC International and the County Grants Co-ordinator.
Where application for funding are submitted in the form of a letter, it should include information on the following:

  • Who is going – group or individual
  • Where you are going
  • What is the purpose of the trip
  • What are the participants/leaders going to gain from the trip
  • What is the estimated total trip cost for the whole party
  • What money have you already raised
  • What fundraising have you already undertaken or are planning to undertake.

Expeditions should always look to the Group and District for support and be able to give evidence that this has taken place. Applications should be copied to both the ACC International and the County Grants Co-ordinator.


Applications can be emailed to or posted to the West Sussex Scouts County Office, Lodge Hill, London Road, Watersfield, Pulborough,West Sussex.