Project Grants and Loans

Whilst we expect Groups and Districts to raise the majority of their funding through local sources, there are cases where the West Sussex County Scout Council can help through a specific targeted grant or a loan.
Applicants will be expected to produce a clear and balanced case for the grant, together with evidence of effective planning, consultation and how it assists the County in achieving its strategic targets toward the 2014 -18 vision.
A copy of the most recent audited accounts must accompany any application.
Grant applications would be considered for 25% of the total cost for projects under £20,000. This is limited to £5,000 for projects costing more than £20,000.
All grant applications require the endorsement of the local District Executive Committee.
Loan applications will be considered on a case by case basis. All loans will require the support and be underwritten by the local District Executive Committee.

When applying for a Grant or Loan you must;-

  • Inform your District Commissioner and your District Chairman of your intentions.
  • Be able to demonstrate that your project will support the County achieve its development target.
  • Ensure that your project in some way meets the Scout Association’s Strategic Vision towards 2018.

Applications can be emailed to or posted to the West Sussex Scouts County Office, Lodge Hill, London Road, Watersfield, Pulborough,West Sussex.