5th / 10th Horsham Cubs – Completing the Duke of Cornwall Home Safety award

As a cub pack we have participated in the Duke of Cornwall Home Safety award.
20 members took part completing the requirements for the Home Safety award.

Some of our partner Explorer unit ran the evening for the cubs, splitting them into small groups to complete the 6 tasks they chose. This was done through short activities and games getting the cubs to think about the different tasks and then discuss and choose what they would do and why. The tasks they covered were: 

  • Working out what should go in a grab bag and why
  • Drawing different escape routes from HQ depending on where in the building you were and trying them out
  • Looking at local risks, where the cubs found cards hidden with different risks on and then discussing the risks and what they could do if that happened and who it could affect
  • Discussing what an emergency could be and who might be involved and how it would affect them and people around them
  • Working out which people could be of assistance in different types of emergencies; and looking at the different people living near them who may need more help than others in an emergency.

Finally the cubs all came back together and shared with their leaders what they had learned and how they could make a difference at home and in the community in an emergency and how to prepare for emergencies to keep themselves and others safer.


CSL Higgins Cub Pack

5th/10th Horsham Scout Group