Fun, achievement and adventure can be obtained from these activities and a suitable level of activity can be found for each Section, from Beaver Scouts to Explorer Scouts. But before any Leader can instruct a permit is required. Formal qualifications are not required in order to gain a Adventurous Activity Permit for climbing or abseiling. Experience is all that is required. However, the level of authorisation will depend upon your past experience and the fact that you are still active.

The National Governing Bodies for climbing and abseiling are: Mountain Training UK and the British Mountaineering Council.

Details of the Scout Associations guidelines on running climbing activities in scouting can be found here and abseiling can be found here. Members leading Archery as a Scout Activity will need to hold an Adventurous Activity Permit for Archery. The Assessment Check list for climbing and abseiling can be found here.

Throughout each year, several courses are run for the tuition of leaders who do not hold a formal qualification but do have some experience. Attending these courses does not automatically get you a permit, but will give the knowledge required to get one after an assessment when you lead your own party. The courses have, in the past, been well attended and very successful.

or general caving and archery enquiries or to contact our MAPS or County Assessors.