County Standard

The West Sussex Scouts County Standard is awarded to Scout Groups who maintain the standards and levels of achievement outlined in this application document.

Application Process

  1. Self-assessment and completion of the application document by the Group Scout Leader in partnership with the Group Executive Committee and Section Leaders. Once complete send/email it to your District Commissioner.
  2. District Commissioner reviews and if appropriate endorses the application and sends/emails it to the County Commissioner.
  3. County Commissioner (or nominee), along with your District Commissioner will arrange a visit to the Group for an informal discussion, to see the Group in action and confirm the award. On confirmation, a certificate will be presented at this visit, or another suitable occasion.

The County Standard is awarded for a period of three years, at which time a further application should be submitted.

  • All requirements are mandatory and apply to all sections in the Scout Group.
  • Where the Scout Group has multiple Colonies, Packs and Troops please complete the checklist for each of these.
  • Where appropriate details of appointments, adult training and membership records should be correct on the headquarters membership management system (Compass).

Scout Groups awarded the County Standard