The Purpose of The Media Team is to:-

  • Support the production, storage and communication of information to support Scouting across West Sussex Scouts.
  • Support organisers with the promotion of events across the County.
  • Provision and management of central IT service
  • Email System
  • Web Sites (Public and Members)
  • File, media and content repositories
  • Diary and Event Management
  • Other Technology services
  • Promote a positive image of Scouting in West Sussex to external bodies and potential members
  • Advise on IT strategy and use of technology to support the operations of the County.


The Media and Communication Team will support Scouting through the publication of content sourced either via members of the County or via its own content producers. This content in turn will be passed through one of more media channels to either internal members or externally.

Adventure is at the heart of everything we do in Scouting.  We want to share the fun and interesting activities that take place across our county.