The Shooting SASU (Scout Active Support Unit)  was  set up to support and promote Shooting across the County.

The SASU’s Mandate is:

  • To promote Shooting within Scouting throughout the County
  • To provide advice to anyone in the County (be that adults seeking to take young people shooting, adults seeking to advance their own coaching skills, young people seeking to take part in shooting)
  • To develop the spread of shooting as a Scout activity across the County by providing training to adults so they can gain the basic NSRA YPS (National Small-bore Rifle Association Youth Proficiency Scheme) Instructor qualification
  • To run District and County shooting activities, probably by co-opting or delegating to other qualified people
  • To create a development programme for the young people so they can, if they wish, progress their shooting skills within the Scout organisation
  • To manage and train a County squad of young people to take part in inter-county competitions
  • To maintain a contact list of all people in the County qualified to provide shooting to the young people

Current Activities

  • Running a competition specifically for Explorers and adults.
  • Sourcing equipment so that young people can progress.
  • Running training courses for Leaders.
  • Maintaining a contact list of qualified people.
  • Training a County squad for inter-county competitions.

The Team

  • Tony Felgate (NSRA YPE Tutor) who will act as Co-coordinator of the team

County Skills Instructors/Advisers

  • Paul Goater (NSRA Club Coach) area of interest – coaching the County team
  • Paul Richardson (NSRA County Coach ) area of interest – coaching the County team
  • Steve Stocker (NRSA County Coach ) area of interest – training courses for adults
  • Pete Raine (NSRA YPS Tutor ) area of interest – coaching the County team
  • Paul Brooks (NSRA YPS Tutor ) area of interest – event organisation
  • Rick Cooper (NSRA YPS Tutor ) area of interest – clothing

Though the team has primary roles that match their area of interest any member of the team will be happy to hear from you.  If you are unsure who to talk to please contact Tony Felgate below for more information.

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