Switch off Challenge

Take on the switch off challenge to find a healthy balance between time on and away from screens.

You will need..

  • Pens or Pencils
  • Scrap Paper
  • Smartphone or tablet

Before you begin

Print enough ‘Switch off’ sheets for each person. Alternatively, get crafty and make your own by cutting a large circle from card and dividing it into 24 segments. If you want to do this, find time in your session and gather any materials you’ll need.

What’s your screen time?

  1. Everyone should think about the different screened devices they use. They could think about phones, tablets, laptops and computers, gaming, and television.
  2. Everyone should think about the benefits of screen time. It’s a great way to communicate and socialise with friends (including playing games), access information (including researching and studying), online shop, be entertained, or learn (through reading or watching tutorials).
  3. Everyone should chat about why it’s important to balance screen time and green time. It’s important to make space for other activities such as sports and creative activities; it’s also important to spend time with people face to face. Time away from screens helps people develop confidence and communication skills, allows them to rest their eyes, and supports positive mental health.
  4. Everyone should think about how long they spend on screens each day. Remind people to be honest – there’s no space for judgement in this activity.
  5. Everyone should think about how to adjust devices to support ‘digital wellness’. This could include adjusting the blue light setting, using night or wind down modes, or setting time limits. If people have their phones with them, they could explore the settings and make changes.

Climbing Courses 2020

The County Climbing Team are running several courses over the next few months and have spaces available if you wish to attend.

Every year, West Sussex Scouts run a number of Instructor courses to train you in the skills needed to safely take members climbing, within the framework of the Scout Association’s Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme.

Whether you’ve never taken your section climbing before, or are fed up paying for expensive centre instructors, our course structure is designed with everybody in mind. From those that have climbed extensively, to novices that have never set foot on rock before. See below for the course that suites you best.

NB: The dates below are training course. A separate assessment is required for an activity permit. Assessments are arranged on an individual basis as required.

Course 1 – Abseiling/Climbing Wall Instructors Course

For people wishing to take members of the Scout Association abseiling on towers or climbing on artificial walls. This covers the basics of the Scout rules and is suited for complete novices and existing climbers alike. 

Date: 23rd May 2020
Cost: £30.00

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Course 2 – Southern Sandstone Instructors Course

For people who have attended the ‘Abseiling / Climbing Wall Instructors Course’ or have experience of climbing / abseiling and wish to take members climbing on Southern Sandstone outcrops. This builds upon the knowledge gained on the Climbing Wall course. 

Date: 6th – 7th June 2020
Cost: £35.00

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Course 3 – Single Pitch Instructors Course

For people who have attended the ‘Southern Sandstone Leaders Course’ or have experience in setting up belays and wish to gain experience in single pitch climbing. This builds upon skills learned on the Southern Sandstone course. 

Date: 12th – 13th September 2020
Cost: £45.00

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County Archery Competition – Applications Open!!

Applications are now open to join the County Archery Competition.

The dates are July 11th & 12th 2020.

The deadline for the entries is 31st March 2020. We would recommend early submission of entry forms to avoid disappointment. Please send completed section entry forms as well as Team booking form.

Each District can enter ONE team of FOUR from each section excluding Beavers. Entry Fee £15 per team Pack or Troop or Unit