Scout & Guide Activity Badge

Joint Activity Badge

The purpose of the Joint Activity Badge is to encourage and reward joint activities between members of the Scout and Guide Associations across West Sussex.

Badge Requirements

Joint Activity Badge

To gain the badge members must take part in a joint activity with members of the opposite Association.

  1. A minimum of 4 members must be present for the duration of the activity. There is no upper limit on the number taking part but there must be at least 2 members from each Association.
  2. The minimum activity duration is
  • 1 hour for Beavers and Rainbows
  • 1.5.hours for all other sections

To gain a RED badge – take part in 1 joint activity

To gain a SILVER badge – take part in 4 joint activities

To gain a GOLD badge – take part in 10 joint activities.

Examples of acceptable activities are –

Joint weekly meeting

Joint camp, joint outing, joint entertainment (gang show or similar)

Joint hike or ramble

Joint adventurous activity and joint social event (bowling for example)

Please note Gatherings celebrating special festivals e.g. Mothering Sunday, National Events, including Remembrance Sunday and WS Camp do not come within the guidelines for attainment of the badge.

Notes for Leaders

Joint events should be jointly organised-simply being in the same place at the same time does not necessarily constitute a joint activity! Please bear this in mind before applying for badges and make sure the activity is in the spirit of the badge.

When the activity has been completed you may apply to the administrator for badges using the application form. Both Scout District Commissioner and the Guide Division Commissioners should endorse the form.

Please follow the instructions on the application form.

Scout & Guide Activity Badge

Scout & Guide Activity Badge

Red will be awarded for 1 activity, Silver and Gold Badges will be awarded for 4 and 10 activities respectively. Please note Only one badge should be worn at a time and only one of each badge will be issued to any one person.

Badges & Postage are free but you must send a self addressed envelope. A5 for 40 and under A4 for 40 + Badges.