H&S – Near Miss Reporting

If you have experienced an Incident which in your opinion in a Near Miss/Safety Concern/Safety Stop please complete the form below. This will be passed to the County Co-ordinator at [email protected]. Experience has shown that we can make significant improvements in our Health and Safety Record by recording Near Misses, Safety Concerns and Safety Stops. These are early indicators of potential accidents and by taking action early we can stop these accidents from happening, making scouting safer for all. General details of these reports will be copied county wise so that we may all learn from each other and collectively making these improvements in Safety. All personal data will be treated confidentially and it is important to note that we operate a no blame culture. What is important is the problem has been identified before an injury occurred and persons are to be congratulated for identifying the problem early and taking corrective action. Lets all pull together to improve our safety record

A typical safety concern would be a lead trailing across a walkway forming a potential trip hazard but no-one has tripped over it.

A typical near miss would be someone trips over the lead but does not harm themselves but the incident had the potential to produce bruising and or broken bones.