International and Global isn’t just about going abroad, it is about bringing the world into the weekly meeting with all of the youth sections from Beavers all the way through to Network.

West Sussex International News

International Update 2 – Feb16

International Update 2 – Feb16

International Update 1 – Jan16

International Update 1 – Jan16

The Global Programme

The Global programme aims to promote an awareness of global issues, the global nature of Scouting and ways in which Scouts can make an impact globally.

We often hear from other scouters that the Global programme often poses the odd challenge when trying to plan programmes to include global elements, so help you we have gathered a number of different resources all into one place.  See the Global Programme Resources to help you.

International Trips & Events

When thinking about the global nature of Scouting, it is always worth considering some sort of International Event or Trip, be it a camp in the UK or abroad, or one of the three annual Worldwide participation events.

There are loads of possibilities, see the latest issue of the West Sussex International News or the Planning a trip abroad pages for more ideas.

Sharing Your Experiences

Ever wondered what other colonies, packs, troops, units and individuals have been up to in the name of International Scouting both in their weekly meetings and on a bigger scale such as camps and expeditions, then check out the International News page.

The County International Team

As an International Team in West Sussex, we are here to support your needs.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: